Quality Certificates

Our approach

Diligence, honesty and patience.

Our Vision
Our company has been producing high quality products and services with 25 years of industry experience. MEKSER Engineering provides services for industrial products with its technical staff and advanced production facility in the organized industry. Our company has many registered patents and industrial designs. All of our products are controlled by a strong team, with high material quality. We are pleased to be the solution partner of our customers with our strong commercial structure and experienced staff in our organized industrial zone.
Our Mission
To continuously improve our business by fulfilling quality requirements and using scientific methods, to be an organization that adds value to our business partners, employees and the environment.
Our Principles and Values
Our quality policy The products and services demanded by our company, with the awareness that everyone has the job of quality control, respecting people, environment, society and the state, by increasing customer satisfaction and aiming at continuous development. Our Environmental Policy Besides quality requirements, In accordance with environmental regulations in our productions and investments, People, animals, vegetation, do not damage products and facilities. Occupational Health and Safety Policy With ortam Human First ortam philosophy, to realize our production and service activities, to comply with the necessary laws, regulations and rules with our employees, to create a healthy, healthy, safe and peaceful business environment.